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The contact hour requirements for each category of licensure are as follows:

LBSW 30 contact hours LCSW 30 contact hours
LGSW 30 contact hours LCSW (PIP) 20 contact hours

CONTINUING EDUCATION means education which fosters the enhancement of general or specialized social work practice, values, skills or knowledge.

CONTACT HOUR means one clock hour of organized learning experience

CLOCK HOUR means a 60-minute clock hour of instruction, not including coffee breaks or lunch.

CEUs are defined on the basis of 10 contact hours per CEU and may be earned in whole or a fraction thereof.

1. Regionally accredited university or college academic courses in social work or related social work disciplines.
2. Continuing education programs sponsored by university or college social work programs.
3. Board approved workshops, institutes or conferences sponsored by official national, regional, or state social work or social welfare related organizations.
4. Board approved public or private agency staff development programs that contribute to the enhancement of social work practice, skills or knowledge which are not primarily procedural or administrative.
5. Workshops or presentations not under the auspices of any organized agency. This section refers to activities planned by individuals working independently.
6. Publication of a professional social work paper.
7. Self-directed learning project.

(#1) One undergraduate academic semester hour successfully completed shall be equivalent to 10 contact hours per semester hour. One graduate academic semester hour successfully completed shall be equivalent to 15 contact hours per semester hour. 5 contact hours may be received for auditing an academic course, from a discipline on the approval list.

(#2) Organizations are responsible for obtaining approval for contact hour credit prior to the activity.

(#5) Contact hours will be approved from the information submitted prior to the activity.

(#6) The initial publication shall be acceptable for 20 contact hours. Presentation of a professional social work paper for the first time at a board approved professional conference shall be acceptable for 15 contact hours. Participating as a panel member for a board approved workshop or conference shall be acceptable for two times the approved contact hours for the session. Facilitating, moderating, or leading a board approved workshop or conference shall be acceptable for the approved contact hours for the session.

(#7) Maximum of 20 contact hours. Credit for self-directed learning projects may be granted provided the project is completed and approved prior to the current license expiration. Projects not completed and approved by the license expiration date can be considered for the licensee's next renewal period. The board recommends that self-directed learning project proposals be submitted at least nine months prior to the expiration date of licensure to provide sufficient time for review, project completion, and approval. Reading a book, preparing a paper in a graduate course, or case consultation shall not meet the requirements for this activity.

Means dated evidence of participation in continuing education activities. Receipts of registration, copy of publication or program listing the presentation is considered documentation. Continuing education documentation must be submitted on a form provided by the board and accompanied by the licensee's application for renewal.

(#7) Projects intended to increase knowledge shall be documented by means of a paper, annotated bibliography, etc. Projects intended to increase skill development shall be documented by means of audio or audiovisual tapes.

The board may request verification of credits submitted, including information regarding content, certification, and attendance. It is the responsibility of the licensee to obtain records to substantiate credits.

The board may waive the continuing education requirements for an individual under extenuating circumstances (e.g. prolonged illness). A waiver shall not be granted to any applicant twice in succession.

Sponsoring organizations are responsible for obtaining approval for contact hour credit prior to conducting the activity. A list of annual conferences and/or sponsoring organizations will be published by the board.

Agencies are to submit quarterly projections of programs to the board which could include outlines of specific programs and vitae of presenters. To update files, agencies may provide to the board brochures and other literature on completed programs.


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