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20 clock hours of continuing education in programs approved by the board shall be obtained prior to each renewal date.

None specified.

1. Workshops sponsored by individual professional practitioners and/or professional organizations SUCH AS; Louisiana Council for Social Work Education, National Association of Social Workers, National Federation of Clinical Social Work Society, council on social Work Education, American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, American Hospital Association and American Association of State Social Work Boards or other appropriate organizations.
2. Continuing education workshops and activities provided by accredited graduate schools of social work.
3. Presentations having social work content. Academic presentation and teaching.
4. Participation in staff development presentations with a social work focus.
5. Attendance at professional social work meetings, AASSWB item writing workshops, symposiums, panel discussions or conferences sponsored by the professional associations suggested in #1 above.
6. Study groups of three or more with peer supervision.
7. Contracted professional consultation received by the licensee.
8. Self-study programs are approved only for rural areas or if the licensee is incapacitated. All self-study programs must receive pre-approval from the board.

The following learning situation will not be accepted
1. Banquet speeches.
2. Non-social work content courses not directly related to enhancement of social work skills or performance as a social work employee. (Example: Computer, financial or business management courses designed to enhance the business of private practice.
3. Staff orientation, administrative staff meetings and case management meetings.
4. Book reports or critiques of professional journal articles.

(#2) Academic coursework (graduate level) counts per actual class hour.

(#3) Counts 1.5 times the actual time of the presentation to give credit for the preparation time. Presentation and preparation time may only be counted once for each topic. Academic preparation and teaching may be counted once in the same manner.

(#6) Names and work addresses including telephone number of group members. Include meeting dates, time, topics of discussion and a bibliography.

(#7) Provide the paid consultant's name, address and telephone number.

It is recommended that each licensee keep copies of documentation verifying attendance at workshops, etc. If the board has questions regarding clock hours submitted, it will be the responsibility of the licensee to show evidence of attendance.


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