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A minimum of 20 formal hours of continuing education is required each calendar year for renewal.

Licensees may not be required to comply with this requirement during the first calendar year in which they become licensed.

If a licensee documents 40 or more formal hours of continuing education per year, he/she may be exempt from the 20-hour requirement for the following year.

None specified.

1. Formal Educational Activities
Those clinical programs previously approved for continuing education credit by appropriate mental health professional bodies. These formal activities must be related to the licensee's clinical practice. Activities may include conferences, seminars, and workshops. Graduate level social work courses or their equivalent offered by an accredited college or university are also acceptable. Final approval of acceptable programs rests with the board.

2. Informal Educational Activities
Self-directed and include convention papers, tutorials, program events, lectures and media presentations; in-service training activities offered by an employer, public agency or school, but not including regularly scheduled staff meetings or other routine job requirements; preparation of papers, books, or classes which are not part of the income-bearing requirements for a licensee's job; service as an officer in an organization; participation in study groups which have not been certified for continuing education credit; and self-directed readings of professional journals or books.

Not specified.

Certified proof of attendance is required.

Reports of continuing education may be audited by the board or its designee annually.


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