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A minimum of 20 clock hours of continuing education is required annually. A minimum of 10 of the 20 hours must be specifically provided by a trained social worker.

CEU is equivalent to 10 clock hours of continuing education.

1. Academic social work courses taken for credit or audit.
2. Social work related academic courses taken for credit or audit. Courses must be in related areas such as: administration, research, psychology, sociology, law, child and family development, counseling, gerontology, substance abuse, criminal justice, mental health, etc.
3. Seminars, workshops, institutes, conferences, or mini-courses oriented to the enhancement of social work practice, values, skills or knowledge.
4. First time presentation of a paper, workshop or seminar for a national, regional or statewide or other professional meeting. Repeated presentations of the same materials cannot be counted as separate activities.
5. Preparation of a paper and acceptance for publication in a recognized social work or related journal.
6. Preparation of a new social work or related course for an educational institution or organization.
7. Any audio and/or visual educationally related home study tapes, or professional journals are approved by the Board for independent self-study Continuing Education credit provided:
a. Credits are granted by an approved sponsor;
b. The approved sponsor administers and scores an appropriate test relating to the educational content; and,
c. The licensee passes the test with a score of at least 70% prior to the awarding of Continuing Education credits.

(#1) One semester hour is equivalent to 15 clock hours of continuing education credit. One-quarter hour is equivalent to 10 clock hours.
(#4) First time presentation will count for 5 continuing education hours.
(#5) An accepted paper will count for 5 continuing education hours.
(#6) A new course will count for 5 continuing education hours.

(#1) The passing grade report will constitute verification for academic credit hours. A signed statement from the instructor for hours attended will constitute verification for audited courses.

(#2) The CEU or certificate of attendance will constitute verification.

(#3) A copy of the presentation with letter of acceptance or copy of the program will constitute verification of the first time presentation and acceptance of presenting.

(#4) A copy of the paper with a copy of the letter of acceptance for publication.

(#5) A copy of the course outline with a confirming letter from the dean/director.

Each licensee shall maintain for 3 years their own record and evidence or continuing education which they have completed. The board will conduct a sample audit annually of individual records and verification of continuing education completed by licensees. The board may also request from an applicant at license renewal that they provide their record and evidence of continuing education training.

The purpose of a sponsor and the purpose of social work licensing and continuing education must be mutually convergent.

Those who are not included on the board's approved continuing education sponsor list may request board approval as a sponsor.

A sponsor will need to include the following information with their request for sponsor approval:

1. Name and address of sponsor.
2. Title of continuing education proposed.
3. Date(s) and location of training.
4. Purpose of such training.
5. Specific objectives of training.
6. Content format - abstract of content to be presented. Information on source documents and/or bibliography from which the content was derived should be provided.
7. Expected type and number of participants.
8. Resume of presenter(s).
9. Procedures for evaluation and training.
10. Procedures for monitoring attendance.
11. Agenda of the training to include start times, breaks, meals, ending time.
12. Total clock hours to be provided.

Refer to South Carolina regulations for specific information.


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