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A licensee must complete 15 credit hours (1.5 CEUs) of continuing education acceptable to the board in the year proceeding his or her license renewal date, and active participation in a continuing competency pilot project approved by the board. All licensees shall complete a minimum of 3 hours of professional values and ethics training each year as part of the required 1.5 CEUs.

CREDIT HOUR means continuing education acceptable to the board.

1. Participating in institutes, seminars, workshops, conferences, independent study programs, postgraduate training programs, college academic or continuing education courses which are related to or enhance the practice of social work and are offered, sponsored or approved by an approved provider. Approved providers are:
a. Accredited colleges and universities.
b. A national or statewide association, board or organization representing members of the social work profession.
c. A person, agency or entity who is approved as a provider in accordance with this chapter.
d. A person, agency or entity who is approved by a state professional licensing or certification board as a continuing education sponsor or provider.
e. Nationally accredited health or mental health facilities.
f. A person or agency approved by any state or national organization in a related field such as medicine, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, marriage and family therapy, and similar field of human service practice.
2. Teaching or presenting the activities in #1.
3. Writing a published work or making a presentation directed toward or applicable to the profession of social work.
4. Providing professional guidance as a field instructor for social work interns in connection with a college or university accredited or in candidacy status with CSWE.

(#1) One credit hour (.1 CEU) will be given for each hour of participation in a continuing education program by an approved provider. Credit hours may be earned by successful completion of an independent study program directly related to social work offered or approved by an approved provider. With the exception of persons residing outside the United States, a maximum of 10 credit hours (1 CEU) for independent study programs will be accepted per renewal period.
(#1a) Credit may be earned through successful completion of postgraduate training programs (i.e., intern, residency, or fellowship programs) or successful completion of social work related courses which are part of the curriculum of a college, university or graduate school of social work at a rate of 5 credit hours (.5 CEU) per each semester hour or its equivalent.
(#2) Credit may be earned for verified teaching in a college, university or graduate school of social work. Credit will be applied at the rate of 5 credit hours (.5 CEU) for each original or substantially revised presentation or publication, not to exceed 10 credit hours (1 CEU) per renewal period.
(#4) A field instructor for a social work intern will be granted 5 credit hours (.5 CEU) for each college semester completed, not to exceed 10 hours (1 CEU) per renewal period.

All forms of documentation must include the subject, date(s), credit hours given and if applicable, name of the sponsor and sponsor approval number. Acceptable documentation includes the following:

(#1) Copies of continuing education certificates of attendance or other form of verification from the provider of the continuing education program.
(#1a) Grade reports or transcripts verifying the completion of a college course.
(#3) Letters from the program sponsor verifying participation as a presenter in a continuing education program or a copy of the program.
(#2 & 4) Letters from the dean or department head or his or her authorized representative verifying the teaching or field instructor assignment.

Copies of continuing education programs and other documentation as necessary to establish the relevance of its content to social work practice for any continuing education program which does not have an approved provider number.

Credit hours must be listed on the license renewal form supplied by the board. A random sample of renewal applications will be selected for review. Documentation of continuing education listed on the renewal form must be retained for 2 years.

A licensee may carry over to the next renewal period up to 5 credit hours (.5 CEU) earned in excess of the continuing education renewal requirements.

1. The applicant shall certify on the application that all programs offered by the sponsor for credit hours from the board will comply with specified criteria, and the sponsor will be responsible for verifying attendance at each program and provide a certificate of attendance.
2. A program offered by a sponsor for credit hours from the board shall:
a. Contribute to the advancement, extension and enhancement of the professional skills and knowledge of the licensee in the practice of social work.
b. Be developed and presented by persons with education and/or experience in the subject matter of the program.
c. Specify the course objectives, course content, and teaching methods to be used.
d. Specify the number of credit hours.
3. The sponsor must document each program's compliance with this section and maintain that documentation for a period of two years.
4. The executive director will review the continuing education sponsor application and notify the applicant of any deficiencies or grant approval and indicate the continuing education sponsor approval number to be noted on all certificates of attendance.
5. Each continuing education program shall provide a mechanism for evaluation of the program by the participants. The evaluation may be completed on-site immediately following the program presentation or an evaluation questionnaire may be distributed to participants to be completed and returned to the sponsor by mail.
6. An approved sponsor may subcontract with individuals or organizations to provide continuing education programs. The sponsor must insure that the subcontractor meets all requirements of this section.
7. It shall be the responsibility of a sponsor to provide each participant in a program with a certificate of attendance.
8. The sponsor shall maintain attendance records for not less than 3 years.
9. The sponsor shall be responsible for assuring that no licensee receives
continuing education credit for time not actually spent attending the program.