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Each licensee shall earn a minimum of 45 clock hours of continuing education every 2 years. Only those hours acquired during the current two-year renewal period will be considered.

CLOCK HOURS shall be the actual number of hours (contact hours) during which instruction was received.

CEU credit is equal to 10 clock hours.

Continuing education activities shall meet the following standards:

1. Have significant intellectual or practical content, and the primary objective shall be to increase the participant's competence within each licensed discipline.
2. They shall constitute an organized program of learning dealing with matters directly related to the clinical practice, professional responsibility or ethical obligations of each discipline.
3. Presenters should be experts in the discipline with at least a master's degree level in education.

For academic courses, one semester credit equals 15 contact hours.

Each licensee shall submit an affidavit on a form approved by the board attesting to the number of continuing education hours completed. The affidavit shall state that the applicant is familiar with the requirements for continuing education credit and has attended the appropriate workshop or training session. With the affidavit, the applicant must submit a listing of the continuing education activity on the form provided by the board.

In addition to the listing, the licensee must attach copies of any certificates of attendance, a professional disclosure statement, verification that they have attended ethics training, letters certifying attendance, transcripts, or any official documents which serve as proof of participation or attendance.

Proof of attendance must contain the workshop title, dates, clock hours attended, sponsor and sponsor's signature, presenter, qualifications of the presenter and the name of the licensee.

Not specified.