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New dues system will be recommended to delegates

At its June meeting, the AASSWB Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve a plan developed by the association's Finance Committee. The plan being presented to delegates is a five-tired dues system with caps on maximum changes, and a delayed startup date. If approved at the fall meeting, the plan could generate an additional $28,000 for the association beginning in 2001.

The dues restructuring plan being proposed by the board and the committee is an attempt to respond to delegate concerns while crafting a system that better reflects the direction AASSWB has taken over the past years. The idea of changing the dues schedule was first put forward tat the 1997 annual business meeting, but delegates there rejected the proposal. The Finance committee was directed to rework the plan in light of discussions on the assembly floor.

The proposal to be considered this year would limit maximum dues payment to $2,000, and has been designed to cap the amount of increase to no more than 3.5 times any state's current rate. If approved, the new system would not go into effect until 2001.

The association's dues system has remained unchanged since 1981.

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