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Administrators exchange views at spring meeting

Eight administrators or staff members and a board member attended the Administrators Forum at the Spring Education Meeting. Their session provided not only the usual opportunities to talk shop with others in the same position, but also the chance to discuss the testing contractor changeover with staff from the AASSWB national office. The staff members, Director of State Services Janice Fristad and Systems Administrator Christine Getty, returned with a better idea of what was going on state to state, and with some guidance for fine-tuning the system.

One result of the discussions at the forum was that the office is now having states review all requests for waivers to the 90-day wait for candidates who need to retest. The wait is AASSWB policy, and is designed to help limit exposure of the item bank. Waivers have been permitted by the association in limited, documented cases where a failed candidate's job was endangered. The administrators asked that they be queried first, citing greater familiarity with candidates' circumstances and history.

Also as a result of the forum, a few changes are being made in the registration software, and the process to follow for board member visits to testing centers has been determined.

Participants were Karen Blakely, Alberta, Canada, Jan Weidman, Alberta, Troylene Jones, Arkansas, Beth Farnsworth, Ohio, Rose Tuana, Nevada, Leslie Aronson, New Jersey, Bonnie Jones, New Mexico, and Tom Tupa, North Dakota. Jerry Satterwhite, a member of he Alabama board, was also present.

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