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New item writers trained

Twenty-one new item writers have been trained for the AASSWB examination program. They attended a training weekend in August in Virginia, and received their first assignments shortly afterward.

The new writers are Sandra Austin of Massachusetts, Carol M. Boyd of Mississippi, Sheri Hamamoto Boyle of Pennsylvania, Marvin M. Bryant of South Carolina, Valerie L. Carter-Williams of Virginia, Catherine A. Clancy of Texas, Patty Coleman of Maine, Paul L. Dovyak of Ohio, Sharon Eisen of Michigan, Donald F. Fausel of Arizona, Marian S. Harris of Wisconsin, Charles A. Jones of Michigan, Barbara W. Kaufman of Minnesota, John E. King of Arkansas, Esther Jones Langston of Nevada, Kenneth W.L. Lee of Hawaii, Matthew Lyberg of Michigan, Katharine B. Mann of Illinois, Kathleen Manygoats of New Mexico, Mary Meis of Montana and Kim-Anne Perkins of Maine.

Eighteen states are represented by the new group. As usual, there is a demographic mix of races and ethnicities, and there are 14 women and seven men. Some of the Class of '98 are board members or former board members, and there is also a mix of practitioners and people from the academic world. Many are both, teaching at colleges or universities with a part-time practice as well.

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