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ASWB Publications

ASWB is committed to keeping its members informed on important matters ranging from the governance of the association to the broad challenges facing professional regulation. To help boards stay on top of these issues, ASWB has produced a number of publications, most of which are available to state boards at no cost.

Publications Available

    Association News. The bi-monthly newsletter that helps keep members up to date on meetings, pertinent legal decisions, legislative activities, and individual state board news.

    The Exam Blue Book. This 45 page booklet contains information on the ASWB Social Work Examination Program, from how exams are given to the issues that govern such concepts as validity and reliability

    Clinical Supervision Curriculum Guide (CSCG). This material was prepared for the Virginia Board of Social Work under a contract with Dr. Carlton Munson. The purpose of the curriculum is to prepare LCSW supervisors for supervision of candidates for licensure. The CSCG includes Volume 1, Volume 2, CD Rom, or videotape. Volume 1 is the core of the CSCG and contains the 12 units that are the content areas of the curriculum. Volume 2 supplements Volume 1 and contains review questions, answer key, unit exercises, and a clinical supervisor journal index. The CD Rom contains all information in both Volumes 1 and 2 and allows the user to perform word searches.

    Manual for New Board Members. Designed to assist new appointees to boards of social work examiners in becoming acclimated to the tasks and responsibilities of their office. (For board members only.)

    Not Just Another Piece of Paper: Why Getting Your Social Work License Matters. This brochure gives straightforward information to social work students and others about the importance of social work licensing.

    Social Work Laws and Board Regulations: A Comparison Guide. This publication, arranged in a quick-reference format, outlines the elements included in all state social work laws and regulations. It is updated biannually.

    Study Guides. Study guides are available for each of ASWB's examinations Clinical, Advanced, Intermediate, and Basic. Each guide is designed to help you prepare for the social work licensure examination that was developed by ASWB. The study guides include a description of the examination development process and the administration procedures as well as suggestions on how to prepare for the examination. There are also 50 sample questions and an answer sheet so that you can score your own answer sheets and use the test for self-assessment.

    Sunset: How to avoid having your board ride off into it. This booklet is intended to give boards of social work an overview of sunset and other potentially damaging legislative activities. It provides instructions for positioning social work regulation in your state to withstand attempts to eliminate or weaken legislation or funding, and how to react in an emergency.

    Understanding and Complying With the ADA. This booklet provides assistance to boards as they make decision on requests from candidates for licensure who ask for special accommodations in taking the ASWB examinations, under the provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act. The third edition is dated 1998.

ASWB Products Available

    Continuing Education Audiotapes:

    When a Parent Is a Substance Abuser: Working With Substance Abuse in the Family. In this hour-long tape, Dr. David Treadway discusses the treatment of families in which a parent is a substance abuser, but a child is the immediate behavior problem. The presentation is from Treadway's book, Before It's Too Late.

    Social Work Adoption: Family Recruitment and Services and Networks. Adoption expert, Dr. Barbara Tremitiere, Ph.D., ACSW, LSW, presents two topics on this hour-long tape. The first is Recruitment, Assessment, and Training of Adoptive and Foster Families, and the second is Support Services and Networks.

    Culturally Sensitive Practice for Social Workers: Working With Hispanics. Cross-Cultural Training by Dr. Ramon Salcido. Dr. Salcido is an associate professor at the School of Social Work at the University of Southern California. He has spoken and written widely on cultural sensitivity for many years. Substance Abuse Treatment for Hispanic Males by Deanna Sanchez. Deanna Sanchez is a licensed master's level social worker who works with the New Mexico Department of Corrections, where she developed a therapeutic community for substance abusers.

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