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ASWB Meeting Calendar, 2000

April 18-23 NABSW Los Angeles, CA
27 Board of Directors Bismarck, ND
27 ASWB Administrators Forum Bismarck
27-30 ASWB Spring Education Meeting Bismarck
30 Nominating Committee Bismarck
May 20 Finance Committee Culpeper, VA
June 10 DARS Committee Culpeper
16 Board of Directors Conference Call
23-25 Examination Committee Culpeper
July 6-9 ASWB Item Writer Training Chantilly, VA
6-9 ASWB Board Member Training Chantilly, VA
21 Nominating Committee Conference call
29-Aug 2 International Federation of Social Workers Conference Montreal, Canada
August 11-13 Examination Committee Chantilly, VA
11-13 Board of Directors Chantilly, VA
19 Bylaws and Resolutions Committee Culpeper
September 12-16 CLEAR Conference Miami, FL
29-Oct 1 ASWB Board Member Training Culpeper
October 14-15 Board of Directors Culpeper
18-22 Baccalaureate Program Directors Destin, FL
27-29 Examination Committee Culpeper
November 1-4 NASW Conference Baltimore, MD
9 Program Planning Committee Mesa, AZ
10 Board of Directors Mesa
10 ASWB Administrators Forum Mesa
10-12 ASWB 2000 Annual Meeting Mesa