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Disciplinary Action Reporting System

The Disciplinary Action Reporting System (DARS) is designed to provide an important front line in the protection of the public. With state participation, the DARS flagging system provides disciplinary information to member boards to assist them in making licensure decisions. The system is designed to prevent a social worker who has been disciplined in one location from withholding such adverse action from the new licensing jurisdiction.

Once a question is raised through a DARS identification, member boards are encouraged to contact the reporting state board for the details of any disciplinary action. The information can be used in determining a candidate's eligibility for licensure.

In addition to member boards, an annual subscription contract is available to related social work organizations, third party payers of social work services, and other interested entities. Subscribers will receive information from the DARS databank for a full year. For more information on the subscription contract, submit your request to .