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Funding Of Delegates to Annual Meetings


To ensure the most complete participation possible, one delegate from each member board will be able to attend the Fall Delegate Assembly with certain of the costs borne by the association. These costs will be paid only if the jurisdiction has its dues paid and examination fees up to date by October 1 of that year.


1. Reasonable costs of transportation, lodging and food will be paid by AASSWB for one delegate from each jurisdiction to attend the Fall Delegate Assembly.

2. The Fall Delegate Assembly meeting will begin on a Friday in October or November. The exact scheduling will be determined on the basis of availability of space and other considerations, again with the goal of minimizing costs.

3. The assembly will begin in the afternoon on Friday, to allow travel time on Friday morning. In cases where the distance will not allow for Friday morning travel, Thursday night accommodations will be provided. Decisions in these instances are to be made by the association on a case by case basis.

4. The Delegate Assembly will be held from Friday noon through Sunday morning. Rooms will be paid for by the association for Friday and Saturday nights only, except in cases as described in policy 3 above.

5. To be sure arrangements are properly made and to keep track of costs, air travel is to be booked through a travel agency designated by AASSWB. Charges are to be made to a corporate account in the name of AASSWB. Options are air or rail travel at the lowest available cost, or reimbursement of automobile travel at the latest government rate for mileage, up to the cost of the lowest round trip airfare. All travel arrangements should be booked with the designated travel agency 30 days prior to the trip, to take advantage of the lowest rates. Automobile travel must be cleared through the association 30 days before the meeting in order to be reimbursable.

6. If ground transportation is furnished through the hotel, it must be used, since it does not add to costs. Otherwise, ground transportation to and from the hotel will be reimbursed for the least expensive form of transportation.

7. The hotel will furnish three meals and breaks each day. No other food will be reimbursed. Mini bar and bar charges and other incidentals, including telephone charges, must be paid for by the individual. These charges are not billable to the association. In those instances where the hotel does not provide three meals a day, delegates will be informed of reimbursement procedures and/or limitations.

8. Gratuities, except for luggage handling at the hotel, will be the responsibility of the delegate.

9. Additional persons sharing the delegate's room are the responsibility of the delegate.

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