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ASWB Special Projects

ASWBs services to member boards adapt to particular needs. Usually, these projects are the result of specific requests made by the Delegate Assembly, or in response to anticipated needs of member boards.

 During 1999, ASWB continued to strengthen its examination program while developing more services for member boards. Last year, the associations Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program was put into place, and now offers one-stop CE provider approval from a growing list of member boards. The association also piloted an examination candidate preapproval service and related projects designed to assist boards in making the transition to a candidate approval system that enhances examination security.

 In 2000, ASWB is focusing on its communication and education programs, as well as its data and information-related services to member boards. The association is developing a training manual for regulatory board administrators, and will be completely revamping its New Board Member Training manual. Listservs for administrators and board members are already in place, and the association website will be expanded to offer more information to member boards, licensure candidates, and the public. ASWB is also functioning as a reporting agent to the Health Integrity Protection Databank (HIPDB) for those member boards who request this service. The association will also be investigating areas in which its services could be of use to member boards, including preapproval consultation/services, and continuing education related services.

 ASWB also works to keep its members informed on developments in the professional regulation arena. To this end the association continues to participate in the Interprofessional Workgroup on Health Professions Regulation (IWHPR), the Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards (FARB), the Council on Licensure, Enforcement, and Regulation (CLEAR), and the National Organization of Competency Assurance (NOCA).