Upcoming Meetings (1998)

February 12-15                  FARB Forum                      Hilton Head, SC
February 19-22                  Examination Committee           Iowa City, IA
February 20-22                  Board of Directors              Iowa City, IA

March 5-7                       CSWE                            Orlando, FL
March 21                        Finance Committee               Culpeper, VA

April 7-11                      NABSW                           New Orleans, LA
April 16                        Board of Directors              Boise, ID
April 16-19                     Spring Education Meeting        Boise, ID

May 1-3                         Examination Committee           Culpeper, VA
May 16                          DARS Committee                  Culpeper, VA

June 13                         Finance Committee               Culpeper, VA
June 27-28                      Board of Directors              Culpeper, VA

July 24-26                      Examination Committee           Chantilly, VA

August 8                        Bylaws Committee                Culpeper, VA
August 12                       Nominating Committee            conference call
August 13-16                    Item Writing Training           Chantilly, VA
August 14-16                    Board Member Training           Chantilly, VA

September 14-19                 CLEAR                           Denver, CO
September 26-27                 Board of Directors              Culpeper, VA

October 7-11                    BPD                             Albuquerque, NM
October 16-18                   Examination Committee           Culpeper, VA
October 23-25                   Board Member Training           Culpeper, VA

November 5                      Program & Education Committee   Little Rock, AR
November 6                      Board of Directors              Little Rock, AR
November 6-8                    Delegate Assembly               Little Rock, AR
April 29-May 2, 1999            Spring Education Meeting        Minneapolis, MN

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