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An Association by Any Other Name&

Whats in a (new) name? Fewer boundaries for ASWB.

By vote of the Delegate Assembly, the American Association of State Social Work Boards (AASSWB) is now the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB). There has long been thinking that the name should be more inclusive, since the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands were members. More recently, with the addition of Alberta, Canada, and interest from other Canadian provinces, it seemed the time had come. The Bylaws and Resolutions Committee recommended the new name, which was approved by the required 2/3 majority of delegates.

Brief discussion before the vote brought out concerns over the identity established as AASSWB, and the need to perhaps have a "regulatory" reference in the name. Association attorney Dale Atkinson noted that the bylaws defined the member boards as regulatory.

During a transitional period, the association will have rights to both AASSWB and ASWB, and documents may appear with either name and acronym.


Board, Administrator Listservs Now Available

Regulatory board members and administrators now have a corner of the e-world all to themselves.

ASWB is now offering two listservsone for board members, the other for administratorsto help keep association members in touch with each other, and to provide a forum for discussion.

Once subscribed, a listserv member is added to an electronic mailing list which allows the member to send and receive messages to and from all other group members. To subscribe, contact Troy Elliott at , or call 1-800-225-6880, ext. 3005.


The New Logo is Here

The new logo is finally here, although the old one is going to keep turning up until the old materials it’s printed on are gone.

When the American Association of State Social Work Boards voted last December to change its name to the Association of Social Work Boards, to be more inclusive of its non-state, non-U.S. members, it seemed time for a new logo to go with the new name. The old symbol, the stylized six letters that the association had used since 1992, was designed for a look of strength and stability. Shorn of the two duplicate letters, it didn’t look very solid.

A design firm was found. Staff explained what was needed, suggesting perhaps a chain motif, the look of a united, joint effort, only as strong as its weakest link, that sort of thing. But when the designer’s efforts came back, via e-mail, all the chain ideas looked somewhat threatening, even in some cases punitive.

One design seemed promising, though, with its graceful interweaving of strands within a circle, and once that was tinkered with it looked pretty good. The ASWB Board of Directors looked at a half-dozen possible logo versions, and liked the interweaving theme. Members did ask that the closed ends in the first presentation be opened up. Openness, reaching out, cooperation, interrelated needs and goals—the new ASWB logo.


Exams, Elections, Financial Decisions Highlight Agenda for Annual Meeting

The 2000 ASWB Fall Meeting, Nov. 10–12 in Mesa, Ariz., will be heavy on examination topics. It will also include an election that affects four of the seven seats on the Board of Directors.

Tentatively scheduled for Saturday afternoon is an executive session to decide which direction to take with the contract for examination development and administration. The current contract with ACT of Iowa City, Iowa, expires at the end of this calendar year. A two-year extension that was included in the original contract has been activated, taking the program through 2002.

The closed session will follow a number of presentations centering on the examinations. There will be reports from the Examination Committee and from ACT, and recommendations from the Finance Committee.

Among Finance Committee recommendations will be the group's conclusions on a test fee increase, which was part of the committee charge for 2000.

The elections, set for just after noon on Saturday, will fill the seats of president-elect, secretary, and two directors at large. This year, to readjust the election schedule according to a change in the bylaws voted last year, one of the director-at-large seats will be for one year, and the other for two.

To view a *.pdf file of the tentative meeting agenda, click here.